BRINK Brewing Artist Glass

Each month the wonderful BRINK Brewery features a local artist by creating a limited edition artist glass. This month I am that artist! Join me April 24th to have a drink and keep the glass! This ‘conceptual’ art glass gets you drinking from one side to “remember the good times” and drinking from the other to “envision a better future”. Click here for more info:

Archive as Action

February 8th a three person show opens at the Contemporary Arts Center that I am honored to be included in. I am creating an activated gathering space that is intended for co-working, eating, thinking, sketching, talking, listening, and creating visions for a more perfect society. I will be holding open office co-working hours every Thursday 12-5pm, programming the space with various interactive making and discussion activities, and collecting an ongoing archive of responses to various prompts in the space. The opening is February 8th from 8-10pm. The exhibition runs until June 16th, 2019. I hope you can make it!

More info can be found on the CAC’s website.


Well, it’s been over a year since I posted! Things have been happening. Did a residency and project in Sassari, Sardegna in Summer 2018, been traveling and conducting talks around the country with ‘Still They Persist’ and the FemFour as well as on Creative Placemaking, and The Welcome Project has been re-opened and we’ve recently received funding to expand into a teaching kitchen and fresh food market for Camp Washington! I’m back to being a little bit better about updating my website. And more is in the works - more soon!

Shelter in Place at Thundersky


I'm super happy to donate a piece to this sale, proceeds benefiting organizations engaged in protecting and expanding human rights such as ACLU, Lamda Legal, and Southern Poverty Law Center. “Shelter in Place” opens April 8th 2017, reception 6-10PM at Thunder-Sky, Inc. (4573 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45223), in the gallery’s basement space. Please stop by and support!

Customers purchasing the art and crafts will be able to designate which of the 3 charities the money will be directed.“Shelter in Place: Artists and Crafters Come Together for Human Rights” is an opportunity for artists, crafters, and the community to support organizations directly working to preserve human rights. Coordinated by Holly Prochaska,

“Shelter” will debut in conjunction with the “Otherwise: New Works by Keith Benjamin, Ben Clark, and Richard Emery Nicholson” on the upper level. 

La Casa de Chako

Since August of last year I've been fortunate enough to work with The Center for Great Neighborhoods as their artist in residence for a Kresge-funded initiative around developing fresh food equity and economic opportunity in and around the Westside of Covington. I spent the first 3 months figuring out the problems/opportunities in the neighborhood and curated/facilitated a series of data collection/friend making events through creative placemaking projects. These included food mapping events with Alan Wight, a popsicle-give away project with UC Med Student volunteers, and a giant Re-Soup event (with too many collaborators to mention - you have to read about it here if you don't know). 

So based on that data The Center and I are pursuing several pilot projects, a community toolshed, some interactive public art, and a pop-up restaurant.

'The Turning Point' (at least that's what I am calling it), is a revolving restaurant that features a home-cook who is interested in pursuing being a restaurant entrepreneur and works with folks doing transitional life work with the Life Learning Center to staff the restaurant as a work-place training program. The first 'pop-up' experience is called 'La Casa de Chako' and opens April 7th. 

The majority of my time with this project has been spent with four lovely interns from the Life Learning Center. We had a writing workshop with Lisa Howe, spent time drawing and creating symbols for ourselves and our neighborhood, and just finished creating over 60 plates for the restaurant! Getting to know these women has been awesome. They all are so talented, open, and honest, some of the best students/collaborators I've had the privilege of working with. Please check out the restaurant in April. Buy tickets in advance (seating is limited). 

CAMP at 1305

This month at 1305 the CAMP (Camp Washington Art and Mobile Produce) is featured in the group exhibition, "The Huntsman: The Art of Hunting, Gathering, and Tools of the Trade". The mobile cart was available with produce and coloring activities for Final Friday in OTR on July 29th. Up until Sunday August 21st - Go check it out!

SOS Art 2016

I'm happy to be participating in the SOS Art Show this year. SOS Art Cincinnati, an organization that promotes Art as a Vehicle for Peace and Justice and for a Change. SOS Art Cincinnati sponsors a yearly SOS Art Show and Event of creative expressions for peace and justice.

This year the exhibition is at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, opening on May 27th from 6-8pm. There will be a variety of other events and programs happening in conjunction with the show. For details, go to their site here


Westside Makers on May 21st

Last weekend was the culmination of a large project I've been working on since January, a project with Covington's Westside Neighborhood entitled Westside Makers. The project involved interviewing residents who are makers, creaters, and builders, and then compiling the interviews along with photos of them and their creations into a book. The book also includes how-to instructions and recipes from many of the makers. The culminating event on May 21st involved makers in the community moving their practice outside or inviting the neighborhood into their studio to share. The hub of the event took place at Orchard Park, where attendees could pick up the book as well as a map directing them to all of the participating homes and locations in the neighborhood. 

There was some great press for the event and for the Westside Neighborhood that resulted from this project. I was interviewed on the Fox19 morning show, the event was a staff pick of the week in CityBeat, Bookmobile Craft Digital printers wrote a great blog post about the book, and I was interviewed by The River City News' The Center Story's Podcast

The project was funded through a Creative Community Grant through the Center for Great Neighborhoods

More images and content about this project to be added to the home page of this site soon!

New Partnership/Program with Heartfelt Tibits

I've started volunteering with a refugee organization here in Cincinnati called Heartfelt Tidbits. Last month I had the pleasure of touring them through the Contemporary Art Center's Do Ho Suh exhibition, 'Passages', after which we all made art together related to our own visions of home. Most of the refugees from this group are from Bhutan and were living in camps in Nepal before coming here. In July I will begin meeting with a group of arts-interested adults every other week with the hopes of creating a larger project and exhibition with them. Heartfelt Tidbits was nice enough to write a blog post about our trip to the CAC. Read all about it here

Creative Community Grant Recipient

I'm excited to announce the beginnings of my next community-based art project. I am honored to be the grant recipient of a Creative Community Grant through the Center for Great Neighborhoods in Covington, Kentucky.

In the coming months I aim to interact with as many Westside neighborhood residents as possible, interviewing them about who they are and what they make. I'm looking to expand the term "maker" to everyone from artists to bakers to welders and knitters. A selection of the folks I sit down with will have interviews and photos as well as DIY recipes and instructions in the publication. The goal is to have every house (or as close to that as possible) in the Westside have at least one person sitting outside on a designated day in late May, sharing with their neighbors and the community what it is they create. Should be really fun! Check out this article in Soapbox for more info about this project and others funded by this grant.

Memories of Home at the Contemporary Arts Center

Looking forward to presenting a teacher workshop at the Contemporary Arts Center on February 18th related to the Do Ho Suh exhibition, Passages, on view there now.  The hands-on workshop focuses on creating empathy through stories of migration. The lesson combines art, language arts and social studies in an exercise that questions how we pass down the intangible. Click here for more information and to register:

Nationalism: Belonging /Not Belonging at Holy Family University in Philadelphia

I'm pleased to show two portraits from my We Are Here series as part of the exhibition Nationalism: Belonging/Not Belonging opening at Holy Family Art Gallery in Philadelphia on February 9th. The exhibit will be up from 2/9-3/1/2016 with a reception and panel discussion on 2/23 from 6-9pm. For more info, go to 

Solo show at Edison Community College

I'm working furiously towards a solo show at Edison Community College in Dayton, Ohio, opening February 6th, 2016. The exhibition, with a working title of 'Asylum' will delve deeply into the projects I conducted with the refugees in Southern Italy this past summer as well as explore migration, displacement, and American complacency.  

'I Can't Breathe' at ARC Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

I'm proud to be part of a group show at ARC Gallery in Chicago, opening November 25 and running through December 19th. "Having endured a year in which video after video has appeared, showing shocking violence by police against unarmed citizens, ARC wants to begin a conversation about these events. The videos have forced all of us to address our ignorance and denial, as well as to ask even bigger questions about the nature of institutionalized racism."


This is a new website for me. Hooray! I'll be using this blog section to keep everyone up to date on when/where my exhibitions will be happening. Stay tuned!