Creative Community Grant Recipient

I'm excited to announce the beginnings of my next community-based art project. I am honored to be the grant recipient of a Creative Community Grant through the Center for Great Neighborhoods in Covington, Kentucky.

In the coming months I aim to interact with as many Westside neighborhood residents as possible, interviewing them about who they are and what they make. I'm looking to expand the term "maker" to everyone from artists to bakers to welders and knitters. A selection of the folks I sit down with will have interviews and photos as well as DIY recipes and instructions in the publication. The goal is to have every house (or as close to that as possible) in the Westside have at least one person sitting outside on a designated day in late May, sharing with their neighbors and the community what it is they create. Should be really fun! Check out this article in Soapbox for more info about this project and others funded by this grant.