Westside Makers on May 21st

Last weekend was the culmination of a large project I've been working on since January, a project with Covington's Westside Neighborhood entitled Westside Makers. The project involved interviewing residents who are makers, creaters, and builders, and then compiling the interviews along with photos of them and their creations into a book. The book also includes how-to instructions and recipes from many of the makers. The culminating event on May 21st involved makers in the community moving their practice outside or inviting the neighborhood into their studio to share. The hub of the event took place at Orchard Park, where attendees could pick up the book as well as a map directing them to all of the participating homes and locations in the neighborhood. 

There was some great press for the event and for the Westside Neighborhood that resulted from this project. I was interviewed on the Fox19 morning show, the event was a staff pick of the week in CityBeat, Bookmobile Craft Digital printers wrote a great blog post about the book, and I was interviewed by The River City News' The Center Story's Podcast

The project was funded through a Creative Community Grant through the Center for Great Neighborhoods

More images and content about this project to be added to the home page of this site soon!