La Casa de Chako

Since August of last year I've been fortunate enough to work with The Center for Great Neighborhoods as their artist in residence for a Kresge-funded initiative around developing fresh food equity and economic opportunity in and around the Westside of Covington. I spent the first 3 months figuring out the problems/opportunities in the neighborhood and curated/facilitated a series of data collection/friend making events through creative placemaking projects. These included food mapping events with Alan Wight, a popsicle-give away project with UC Med Student volunteers, and a giant Re-Soup event (with too many collaborators to mention - you have to read about it here if you don't know). 

So based on that data The Center and I are pursuing several pilot projects, a community toolshed, some interactive public art, and a pop-up restaurant.

'The Turning Point' (at least that's what I am calling it), is a revolving restaurant that features a home-cook who is interested in pursuing being a restaurant entrepreneur and works with folks doing transitional life work with the Life Learning Center to staff the restaurant as a work-place training program. The first 'pop-up' experience is called 'La Casa de Chako' and opens April 7th. 

The majority of my time with this project has been spent with four lovely interns from the Life Learning Center. We had a writing workshop with Lisa Howe, spent time drawing and creating symbols for ourselves and our neighborhood, and just finished creating over 60 plates for the restaurant! Getting to know these women has been awesome. They all are so talented, open, and honest, some of the best students/collaborators I've had the privilege of working with. Please check out the restaurant in April. Buy tickets in advance (seating is limited).